Sudokumat 5.99

Bugfix: Fix puzzle only allowed for correct grids.

Older versions:

Version Description
5.7 Improvement: PDF-pages now with adjustable number of sudokus per row.
5.62 Bugfix: Setting the level for pdf generation corrected.
5.61 Bugfix: Automatically loaded puzzle is now correctly initialized.
5.6 Now saving of settings and active puzzle is supported.
5.5 Candidates may be unset, set or excluded. The excluded-state is taken into account when showing permitted positions.
5.4 → Exchange of puzzles with other programs (e.g. mail-client) via clipboard.
→ Remarkable size reduction of Sudokumat.
Undo now works for solving steps.
→ Support of Reset for solved puzzles.
→ Smaller font for candidates to improve value/candidate - distinction.
→ New option to enable/disable Timer.
5.3 Language selection German / English now possible via menu. Support of German now works for Java 6.
Bug-fix: Input of digits via numeric keypad now works.
5.21 Input of candidates by simultaneously pressing the Ctrl-key corrected - didn't work for Windows.
5.2 Menu revised.
Input of candidates by simultaneously pressing the Ctrl-key.
Display of possible position by
→ Pressing Alt and desired digit or
→ Clicking on a Sudoku-field with the desired digit.
5.1 Marking of permitted positions is now reset when:
→ Starting a new Sudoku
→ Pressing the Shift-key on an emtpy field
In Candidate-mode the candidates are now delete in the same way as in Value-mode.
5.0 New Feature: Toolbar for the most important functions of Sudokumat.
4.51 Bug-Fix: Display of elapsed time and message for wrong solution corrected..
4.5 Level-definitions adjusted, some small improvements:
→ Faster generation for level evil puzzles
→ Help revised
→ Small changes in menu structure
4.4 Now with Undo / Redo.
Toggling between input mode value and candidate via menu or key k.
4.3 Hint, showing an appropriate field for the next solving step. Validation of a completed Sudoku now again happens automatically.
4.2 Manually created or restored puzzles can now be solved by Sudokumat, if they have a solution.
4.1 All generated puzzles are solvable, now.
4.0 First version using Dancing Links to create and solve puzzles.
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